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Custom sized lumber sawing,

Custom Cut Lumber Sizes

Our sawmill can bandsaw lumber to your unique size thickness and width. This can be a great help when renovating and trying to match older existing framing sizes.

Custom Length Housing Studs

Kneewall studs, 9’ wall studs and barn style roofs commonly require many framing pieces cut to precisely the same length. Our sawmill can efficiently and accurately cut large quantity framing components with minimal wastage.

Custom Cut Countertops

Stan Dawe Limited can custom cut your countertops at the Riverside Drive location with a one day delivery time on most jobs. We make straight and mitre cuts with slots for countertop bolts and install matching end caps on vanity, kitchen and bar tops. We can also remove a countertop backsplash for installs with a ceramic tile backsplash.

Custom Bending Aluminum Flat Stock

We stock 6 colors of aluminum for finished exterior trim work. It can be cut to a maximum 10’ and bent to shape to cover exposed wood framing such as eaves, columns, corners and trim.

Custom Rebar Bending

10mm and 20mm rebar can be cut and/or bent to shape for footings, columns and corners.

Human hand measurement tool and graphics
Computerized Job Materials List

We can work with your specifications and blueprints to prepare a material list for your next projects. The detailed list itemizes all components and groups them by construction category. The materials list includes pricing for job estimates for budgeting purposes.

Computer Scanning Color Match Paint

Our paint department featuring Dulux paints can match paint color codes from most paint manufacturers or we can scan your personal item to match paint colors exactly.

Other Services

Boom truck delivery, Computerized project estimating, Custom facia

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